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International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals?!

What a mouthful for the name of a meeting! Dr. James and Dr. Lauren will be learning all about tongue problems this weekend. We often see infants in our practice who are having difficulty breast feeding. After referral from a lactation consultant, Dr. James performs a clinical exam to see if the infant is truly tongue-tied and if they are uses a laser to help with the problem. We will be meeting with other professionals who treat tongue-ties at this meeting and we can’t wait to learn more!    … Read more International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals?!

We love dental sealants and so does the CDC!!

From the ADA Morning huddle on 10/19/2016: CDC Report Highlights Benefits Of Dental Sealants For Children. The ADA News (10/18, Manchir) reports that dental sealants could prevent 80 percent of cavities in school-age children, although 60 percent of children do not get them, according to a new CDC Vital Signs Report. The report also found that children without dental sealants had three times as many cavities as children who did, and that nearly $300 million in dental treatment costs could be saved by providing dental sealants to ā€œthe nearly seven… Read more We love dental sealants and so does the CDC!!