Briargate Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Mission Statemens

At a recent staff meeting, we decided to write down what is most important to us at Briargate Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. By reading what we came up with what is most important, you will find our more about our practice!

Also, we decided to have our staff meeting at the awesome building three coffee roasters in Colorado Springs, you should definitely check them out! They have a meeting space too!

Here is what we came up with

  • We like to be readily available for our patients and make sure they are satisfied
  • We want our patients to have a good experience. We want to keep the appointments light and fun as much as possible, for instance not pushing them over their limit
  • We want to do necessary treatment but not overtreat. For instance, keeping the number of kids in early braces low
  • We see ourselves as a great breastfeeding resource to our community. We also keep our clinic breastfeeding friendly – we even have a place mothers can breastfeed with a sign.
  • We like to integrate orthodontics and pediatric dentistry as much as possible – we thing this is a huge benefit our clinic offers
  • We want to be a resource of oral hygiene instruction for children
  • We also like to have great communication with the front desk and clinic staff. This is harder than it seems but we are great at this! We want to keep this up.
  • We want to see kids on time! Often times, we can stop bigger problems if we see a child early.
    • Dr. James likes to see kids at age 1 for their first checkup
    • Dr. Lauren likes to see kids at age 7 for their first orthodontic screening

See something on here we should add?

Let us know!


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