How to make your child’s first dental visit a success!

  1. Pick a pediatric dentist! The dental office is designed for kids and they see kids every day. We love kids at Briargate Pediatric Dentistry in Colorado Springs!
  2. Walk through what will happen at the dental office. This will prepare your child for what to expect and will eliminate surprises that might unsettle them. You can read them a book prior to the visit that explains the dentist. Here are some recommendations!
  3. Let the dentist know if there is anything in particular that bothers your child. Is your child afraid of noises? Is your child afraid to be touched? Let the dentist know and the visit is more likely to be successful
  4. Get your kid hyped up to go the dentist! If you yourself are afraid of the dentist, you will pass that on to your child. If you sing the praises of going to the dental office, your child will see it as a good place to go! Which it is!!!!!!

Have any more tips? Feel free to send us feedback!

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