What’s all the buzz about Silver Diamine Fluoride – SDF ?

Our office is always looking for ways to improve the care for our patients. One of the newer alternative approaches to treatment of cavities in children is Silver Diamine Fluoride. It is exciting because it is the first treatment option for cavities since traditional fillings. It is also exciting because it is a non-operative treatment, meaning no drill is needed.

What is SDF? Basically it is a colorless liquid that has both silver and fluoride in it.  It come is in a liquid and is brushed onto cavities to stop decay. It is painless. SDF has been shown to stop the progression of cavities.

Who is a candidate for SDF?

Silver Diamine Fluoride sometimes is recommended in very young patients that are too young for a filling but may want to delay/prevent a trip to the operating room due to age. The downside of SDF is that the tooth turns black and it looks like the patient just ate brownies.

Benefits of SDF:

Takes only 30 seconds

No numbing or drills needed

Non-invasive (good for young children, uncooperative children, special needs)

Kills decay-causing bacteria

Has also been proven to stop the development of more cavities

We are excited to offer SDF here at Briargate Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics  for select patients that qualify!

Here is a picture of a patient who had Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment.

silver diamine fluoride

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