Brushing your tongue!?

We all know that brushing your teeth is the only way you can prevent gum disease and tooth decay, many people do not know that you must also brush your tongue to have optimum oral health. Brushing the teeth and tongue can eliminate more harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Your tongue has lots of bacteria on it from the food and berafes you consume during the day. By brushing your tongue, you can remove this bacteria. This helps the bacteria not spread to the teeth and it can even prevent bad breath (bonus!!!)

So how do you brush your tongue? You need to brush the surface of your tongue with either your toothbrush or a nifty tongue scraper. Some people with a gag reflex prefer a tongue scraper. After you brush or scrape, rinse thoroughly to get rid of the food particles and bacteria.

If you need more advice on how to brush your tongue, contact Dr. James or Dr. Lauren Busch and they can offer advice on oral care. tongue.jpg

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