Toothbrushing apps for kids!

Brushing for kids can be fun! A lot of kids are into having an app associated with their brushing to help them brush every tooth in their mouth and to brush for the total 2 minutes they are supposed to. Pretty much every toothbrush brand has an app to go with an electric toothbrush. Here are some great options:

Disney Magic Timer App from Oral B:


If you buy a disney toothbrush from oral B, you can scan it and use this app. Kids enjoy the brushing calendar and getting a new digital sticker after they brush!

Phillips Sonicare for kids brushing app:


This app comes with our toothbrushes that we sell at the office. There is a character named Sparkly that acts as a toothbrush teacher for kids. Sparkly allows parents to monitor and track kids brushing habits too.

My teeth brushing app:


Here is another app that isn’t associated with any particular toothbrush. It also teaches kids to brush for 3 minutes through imitating other kids brushing.

Not all kids are the same, so some may prefer one toothbrushing app over another. If you know of another app that works that your kids love, email us at We would love to hear about it!!!

Dr. Lauren and Dr. James

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